Classical Life returns.

I’ve been blogging about classical music for nearly four and a half years for my employer, the Orange County Register. I am still employed as the classical music critic there, but the blog was recently mothballed, so I’ve decided to get my own.

(The L.A. Times covered the demise of my Register blog, and Iron Tongue of Midnight, Alex Ross and ARTicles also weighed in. And thanks to my readers for all the support they sent my way.)

I don’t quite know what shape this blog will take. Blogging for a newspaper has its own set of imperatives, many of which drove my thinking and writing there. Here, the rules are different, and I’m still learning what they are.

One thing I will do is provide links to my articles and reviews at the Register. I hope you’ll click on them (and read once you do) as faithfully as you have done in the past. My livelihood depends upon it.

But I don’t want this just to be a blog that links to my writing elsewhere. I want to provide original content as well, and will do so as often as time, energy and inspiration allow me to.

As always, your comments are welcome, even encouraged.

I’ll leave it there for now (I have to get to work). Stay thirsty, my friends.