See previous post for the backstory.

Three things.

I was on my way to Gustavo Dudamel’s debut at L.A. Opera on Friday when I was laid off. I could have still gone and reviewed it here (for free) but as you will understand I didn’t feel up to it. And no man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money.

I was not fired for cause (as the lawyers say) or for the quality of my work. In fact, I was told the quality of my work had nothing to do with it. Just need to make that clear.

The paper retains at least two staff writers who review pop concerts and write about pop culture, so I’d say there’s a bit of reverse elitism going on here. I was not given the chance to write about other subjects, as when I wrote that laff fest celebrity column known as People for two years.

OK, four things. I’ve worked at the paper a little short of 18 years and was given two weeks severance. I’m looking for a lawyer who will work pro bono or for a small fee to help me get some more severance.

Long Live Music Criticism!