It’s that time of year again, when the people at WordPress provide me with an annual report on Classical Life, the blog that I’ve been running in one form or another since 2006 and which you are reading right now.

Here are some of the numbers for 2014.

The busiest day of 2014, in terms of views, was May 11, when I posted my decade-old interview with the conductor Carlo Maria Giulini. The internet got word and came here in droves to read it as if it were brand new. Nevertheless, I am grateful.

I posted 174 times during the year, or slightly less than every other day.

The posts with the most number of views were:

1. Giulini: 99

2. 10 Giulini recordings

3. Sooty Salonen cover (which has been changed since I originally posted, for reasons made clear in the updated post).

4. Bruckner recordings

5. Happy 4th (which appears to apply to a posting in 2011).

Savvy readers will notice a pattern. Four of the five top posts were written in previous years. WordPress says my writing has “staying power” and that I should consider “writing about those topics again.” More Giulini anyone?

The top referring sites (sending readers here) were,,, and The checks are in the mail.

Readers from 112 countries visited Classical Life, but most came from the U.S.

The most commented on post was Rachmaninoff redux, which did indeed inspire a lively debate.

The top five commenters of the year were MarK, chris, Gary, CK Dexter Haven and Harry Kirschner. Thanks for engaging.

Classical Life revenue and profits were stable.

Stay thirsty, Friends.