On Monday night I took part in the Pacific Symphony’s side-by-side initiative called “OC Can You Play with Us?”, performing the finale of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5, Carl St.Clair conducting.

Here is a brief (two-minute) video on my experience. It’s free:

Click here to see free video

My article is behind the Register’s paywall. (Note: a one-day pass — $2 — also gets you access to the archive, so you can catch up on anything you’ve missed.)

Here’s an excerpt:

“If I had become a professional trombonist, you wouldn’t be reading this. Actually, I was one, for a time, until a series of events, at least one of them disastrous, led me to become a music critic (Berlioz called it a “calamity” when he became one). I still pick up the instrument every once in a while, though. But not without a certain uneasy feeling. My life story is wrapped up in it. Sometimes a trombone is not just a trombone.”

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