Happy New Year and all that. May it be better than the last.

Some of you may remember last year around this time, when the good folks at WordPress prepared an annual report on Classical Life.

Well, they’ve done it again, and the numbers are scintillating.

The best news is that, despite the economic situation, despite the fiscal cliff, despite rising healthcare costs, the profit margins for this blog remained the same as last year. The bad news is that there were no profits whatsoever, unless you count all the good friends who visit this space as profits.

Here are a few stats included in the annual report.

1. The number of “views” (different from “visitors”) here went down a smidgen, but then I didn’t post as often. Still, the “view” number is pretty healthy, I think. I posted 145 times in 2012, and in those posts included 120 photos.

2. The busiest day of the year was January 24 and the most popular post that day was Classical Life: 2011 annual report.

3. The most popular posts in 2012 were Great moments in commercial music: Air France; Review: ‘The gospel According to the Other Mary’; Same old song; Another celebrity columnist re-assigned; and 10 Giulini recordings. Two of those posts weren’t even written in 2012, but people keep on finding them. The annual report suggests: “Some of your most popular posts were written before 2012. Your writing has staying power! Consider writing about those topics again,” which makes me feel like Woody Allen in ‘Stardust Memories.’

4. The most popular searches that brought visitors to Classical Life were classical life, air france commercial music, air france commercial, yuja wang dress, and bruckner. I guess I should write something about Yuja Wang performing Bruckner in a red dress while on an Air France flight.

5. The top referring sites to this blog (they sent people here) were …


Thanks to Alex, Brian, the government, CK and Mark (Zuckerberg).

6. I had visitors from 115 countries, including Nigeria, Botswana and Bolivia.

7. My most commented on post for 2012 was Same old song.

8. The top commenters were … drum roll please … CK Dexter Haven, MarK, deborah, chris and Lisa Hirsch. Good work and mille grazie.

In closing all I’ll say is that I aim to keep this little blog going and I hope you’ll continue to visit. Stay thirsty, my friends.