One of the nice things about blogging on WordPress is that they (WordPress) prepare an annual report on Classical Life.

Some of the data this annual report provides I already know from my dashboard, a nifty device behind the scenes in which I can track things such as number of visitors per post and per day. But the annual report also provided a few tidbits I didn’t know. For instance:

1. The number of visitors to this blog in 2011 would fill 21 sold-out performances in the Sydney Opera House, though I doubt anyone would buy a ticket to watch me type.

2. The top searches that brought visitors to this blog were “classical life,” “yuja wang dress,” “yuja wang,” “yuja wang red dress,” and “jameson commercial music.” Now, if I could just get a video of Yuja Wang wearing that little red dress and drinking a glass of Jameson’s, I could retire.

3. Most visitors came from the United States, but the report says that Canada and the United Kingdon “were not far behind.” I guess I should be writing more about London and Toronto. I did have visitors from all continents except Antarctica. Five percent of my African visitors were from Cameroon. I’m huge in Cameroon.

4. My most commented on post for 2011 was Musicians Don’t Comment.

5. The top commenters (numerically speaking) were MarK, CK Dexter Haven, Deborah and MM. The annual report suggests that I send them a thank you note. Thank you, MarK, CK, Deborah and MM.

6. You already know the 2011 posts that had the most views. If not, you can click here.

7. Finally, the annual report tells me: “Some of your most popular posts were written before 2011. Your writing has staying power! Consider writing about those topics again.”

My earlier, funny posts were always more popular.