I’ve been too busy writing celebrity columns to weigh on this sooner, but it seems that another music critic, this one in a high place, has been demoted.

Longtime New York Times classical music critic and Beatles scholar Allan Kozinn has been re-assigned by his newspaper to the “sidewalk-pounding post” of general cultural reporter.

And, as Parterre Box puts it, “the blogosphere is in a high state of dither.”

Norman Lebrecht has the low down on it all; seems that office politics were involved. Be sure to check out at least a few of the comments (there were 104 last time I checked). Some heavy hitters are at bat, including a Pulitzer Prize winner. There’s also a fair bit of sniping at music critics, if you like that form of sport.

Also see the comments at Parterre Box. Yours truly is mentioned in passing.

I, of course, know just a little bit about what Kozinn must be going through. I have a bit of insight, too.

But I’ll say no more.