July 4 is on the horizon so I feel that it’s time for another round of Inspired or Lame?, in which YOU, dear blognescenti, decide if a given program is up to snuff or not, before it is even performed!

Here’s the concert description from the Pacific Symphony’s website:

“Orange County’s favorite 4th-of-July celebration! A showcase of The Eagles’ mega-hits like “Take it Easy” and “Hotel California” headlines our extravaganza – which also includes an 80th birthday tribute to celebrated film composer John Williams, patriotic favorites, our traditional salute to the U.S. armed forces and a brilliant fireworks finale!”

A tribute band, Windborne, will join the orchestra for The Eagles’ mega-hits. But wait, there’s more!:

“The audience will have a chance to text vote for the final piece of the first half: either ‘E.T.’ or ‘Star Wars.'”

(Which one will it be? “E.T.” or “Star Wars”? The tension is killing me.)

And so we ask …