I’ve been mulling over the following program in my spare thinking time the last couple of weeks. The Pacific Symphony performs it tomorrow through Saturday. I can’t make up my mind if it’s inspired, or lame. I suppose it’s somewhere in between. Here it is:

Daugherty: The Gospel According to Sister Aimee (2012) for Organ, Brass and Percussion (World premiere)
Daugherty: Radio City (2011) Symphonic Fantasy on Arturo Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra in America (American premiere)
Barber: Adagio for Strings
Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto

On the one hand, two pieces by Daugherty is too much. On the other, it’s nice to hear some new music. (BTW, I think Daugherty tries too hard with his titles.)

The order of the concert has changed. Previously the Barber came between the two Daugherty pieces. At any rate, the Barber and the Tchaikovsky are clearly on the program as sugar to make the medicine go down, or at least as names that will help sell tickets. The concerts are being marketed on the basis of the Tchaikovsky concerto, so I’m sure there will be a lot of audience members there who will be terrorized (if that’s the right word) by the Daugherty pieces. Not that he’s so wild. He’s kind of  a populist, in fact.

Anyway, I can’t decide. What do you think?