The following once transpired on network television.

Things are going real bad for Dr. Frasier Crane. His high-school reunion is coming up and he’s unemployed, unmarried and without a date. To alleviate the first circumstance, he goes to a job interview but blows it big time.

Enter Frasier’s dad and brother Niles into Frasier’s apartment.

He is nowhere to be seen. Daphne, the English house servant, approaches.

Daphne: Am I glad you’re home.

Dad: What’s wrong?

Daphne: It’s Dr. Crane. Ever since he came back from his job interview he’s seemed awfully depressed. In fact, he’s as bad as I’ve ever seen him.

Niles (concerned): Oh, I guess it didn’t go well?

Daphne: Oh, I gather not. He mumbled something about it being worse than the Dresden premiere of Schumann’s Second Symphony.

Niles (now frantic): And you left him alone?!