Happy New Year, everyone.

Tonight, KOCE (aka PBS SoCal) will broadcast the New Year’s Concert from Vienna at the odd time of 6 p.m. It’s usually one of my favorite classical broadcasts of the year (especially if there’s a good conductor, as is the case tonight), but then I like Johann Strauss. Mariss Jansons will lead the Vienna Philharmonic, brought to you direct from the Musikverein. Julie Andrews hosts.

Above, Carlos Kleiber conducts the Wieners in the 1989 New Year’s concert.

I’ve posted tonight’s musical program below. There are a number of the usual suspects, of course, but also some out of the way items. The concert, as always, will end with a pair of traditional encores — the “Blue Danube” Waltz and the “Radetzky” March.


Johann and Joseph Strauss: “Vaterländischer Marsch (Fatherland March)”
Johann Strauss: “Rathausball-Tänze (City Hall Ball Dances)”, Waltz, op. 438
Johann Strauss: “Entweder – oder! (Either – Or!)”, Fast Polka, op. 403
Johann Strauss: “Tritsch-Tratsch (Chit-Chat)”, Polka, op. 214
Carl Michael Ziehrer: “Wiener Bürger (Viennese Folk)”, Waltz, op. 419
Johann Strauss: “Albion Polka”, op. 102
Joseph Strauss: “Jokey Polka (Jockey Polka)”, Fast Polka, op. 278

– Intermission –

Joseph Hellmesberger, Jr.: Danse Diabolique (Diabolic Dance)
Joseph Strauss: “Künstler-Gruss (Artists Greeting)”, Polka française, op. 274
Johann Strauss: “Freuet euch des Lebens (Enjoy Life)”, Waltz, op. 340
Johann Strauss, Sr.: “Sperl Galopp”, op. 42
Hans Christian Lumbye: Copenhagen Railway Steam Gallop
Joseph Strauss: “Feuerfest (Fireproof)”, Polka française, op. 269
Eduard Strauss: “Carmen-Quadrille”, op. 134
Peter I. Tchaikovsky: “Panorama” from the Ballet “Sleeping Beauty”, op. 66
Peter I. Tchaikovsky: “Waltz” from the Ballet “Sleeping Beauty”, op. 66
Johann and Joseph Strauss: “Pizzicato Polka”, no opus number
Johann Strauss: “Persischer Marsch (Persian March)”, op. 289
Joseph Strauss: “Brennende Liebe (Burning Love)”, Polka Mazur, op. 129
Joseph Strauss: “Delirien (Delirium)”, Waltz, op. 212
Johann Strauss: “Unter Donner und Blitz (Thunder and Lightning)”, Fast Polka, op. 324