I took my Sunday Los Angeles Times out of its plastic wrapper this morn and was rather shocked to find an advertising sticker pasted across the banner. Or more exactly, I was rather shocked at this particular sticker, since stickers on newspapers are common these days.

Long Beach Opera was elbowing into the space normally reserved for cheap bankruptcy offers and carpet cleaning deals.

The little company, one of my favorites, is an avant-garde leaning troupe that generally shies away from presenting mainstream fare.

The sticker was certainly advertising with a broad stroke (though I don’t know how many newspapers it appeared on), and that’s fine and dandy, but I would think that targeted marketing would be both more efficacious (if that’s the word I want) and cheaper.

The company recently received $300,000 from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. I suppose the sticker is one of the first results of the largesse.

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