Classical Life is one year old today.

It’s been a very good year. Well, a year.

You were shocked — shocked! — to find that I had been “re-assigned.”

You wanted to know, “Where on earth is Gustavo Dudamel?”

The Top Ten Greatest Notes of All Time stirred sectarian strife.

10 Giulini recordings soothed the savage breast.

You could hardly get enough of Gustavo Dudamel and Juan Diego Florez opening the 92nd season of the L.A. Philharmonic, and, my god, who can blame you?

You were almost as equally mesmerized by my first record, though.

Still, it wasn’t enough. You wanted more Giulini, so I attempted to serve his genius.

Yeah, yeah, but how about a 3-year-old conducting Beethoven, you said.

He was much better than annoying sounds.

Still, musicians didn’t comment.

Stay thirsty, my friends.