Below are photo scans of a program booklet that I found, and bought, in an antique store in Half Moon Bay, CA. (You may have seen them before — I’m rescuing these from my old blog.)

It’s for a recital by violinist Jascha Heifetz, given on April 27, 1949, in the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. I’ve scanned every page (there are only eight) including the front and back covers, the latter featuring an ad for Chesterfield Cigarettes with Joan Crawford extolling their taste. You can print out your own replica copy if you so desire. The booklet is 9 inches by 6. Click on the thumbnail photos for full size views. You’ll find something interesting on every page, including upcoming programs with Mitropolous conducting. Incidentally, nowhere in the program is the violinist’s first name used. He is referred to simply as “Heifetz.”