People always say that the musicians of the Vienna Philharmonic can play Johann Strauss in their sleep. Well, they can’t play it this way, not without our favorite conductor urging them on.

Strange to say, I’ve never heard this overture performed live by any orchestra. Not that I recall, at least. Sometimes, orchestral programming is so lame.

Also, strange (or something)… fewer than 18,000 people have watched this video on YouTube.

More than 10 million have watched this one. (I learned about this video in my other job as a celebrity journalist. The girl who made it is 13, lives in Orange County, and has suddenly become the butt of jokes the world over. Her Opus 1 has already spawned several parodies on YouTube, including one performed as if by Bob Dylan.)

Update: Due to some technical issues, I’ve switched the video above so that you can watch it on site. This is Kleiber conducting the Bavarian State Orchestra.