Do you yearn for the good old days when you could read the liner notes on your recordings without a magnifying glass? Do you long to gaze at life-size portraits of the performers therein? Do you struggle to open cellophane-wrapped jewel boxes with a knife, putting your life, and those of your children, in danger? Do you abhor the clean, precise sound of digital recordings scanned with the cold and calculated accuracy of laser beams?

Well, frustrated listeners, you’re in luck!

The San Francisco Symphony is releasing a special limited edition 22-LP (that’s vinyl, my friends) box set of its Mahler symphonic cycle with Michael Tilson Thomas for the unbelievably low price of $749 including shipping. Each LP is pressed in 180g audiophile virgin vinyl and comes with its own luxuriously designed jacket. This set can be yours for just two easy payments of $75 (pre-order) and $674.

But wait, there’s more!

The first 250 customers will receive  specially autographed editions signed by music director Michael Tilson Thomas. In addition, all purchasers of this limited edition set — numbered 1 through 1,000 — will get  a bonus 45 rpm recording of Susan Graham singing Mahler songs accompanied on the piano by Tilson Thomas at no extra cost.

Don’t wait, click now!

(Your pre-order of $75 secures your copy. Release date expected in April, 2011. California residents are charged 9.5 percent sales tax when second payment is processed. If, in the event, pre-orders fail to reach 600 by Dec. 31, 2010, your $75 pre-order will be refunded in full. Offer not available in Delaware.)

Still can’t get enough vinyl?

Preservation Hall Recordings is releasing a special limited edition 78 rpm recording featuring Tom Waits and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Proceeds will benefit the Preservation Hall Junior Jazz & Heritage Brass. The first 100 records at the $200 level of donation will be accompanied by a custom designed 78 rpm record player. The remaining 404 78s come at the special low price of $50 and you’ll have to figure out how to play them on your own. Good luck!

(Available Nov. 19 at Preservation Hall and Nov. 20 for online purchase. No C.O.D’s please.)

Disclaimer: We love vinyl. Offer available in Delaware.